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Magic Minor Darkness  Empty Magic Minor Darkness

Post by Gisakia on Wed Apr 19, 2017 10:34 am

Dark Magic is power drawn from the shadowy spiritual universal consciousness. These energies are not evil. They merely only reflect the one half of the reality's positive and negative properties. This magic has good Debuffs and Auras. It deals good damage overtime, it has good summons and has great self healing potential.


1-Shadow Volley: Eject a sworm of darkness into an enemy damaging them

2-Gloom Bullet: Fire a quick blast of darkness into an enemy blinding them

3-Lanterns of Dusk: Lights surround  the area, draining the life of all enemies overtime within the area
 until all 3 floating lanterns in the area are destroyed. Then the spell is broken

4-Blackout: A target area is blinded in darkness for 3 turns. Enemy movement is reduced and continuous
 damage is dealt to all within

5-Eclipse: Shadows swarm into a single enemy dealing damage over time until the curse ends

6-Curse of Shade: A enemy targets attack is reduced and damage is dealt for 3 turns

7-Curse of Death: A target enemy has a slim chance to instantly die every turn

Buffs and Auras

8-Umbrage: Cast 2 debuffs to a single target

9-Aura of Darkness: Any time an enemy suffers darkness damage from you, you heal damage

10-Dead of Night: A target area is surrounded with shadow, this casts a debuffs on all surrounding
 enemies of that target area

11-Tenebris Myraid: A target area becomes a typhoon of darkness cursing all enemies within, creating a
 confusion effect to enemies. This causes enemies to attack each other out of fear for a short time.

12-Timentes Homine: Target area causes enemies to becomes stunned in terror


13-Summon Dark Warrior: A Soldier of shadows comes forth that is invisible until it attacks. It has
 high defense.

14-Summon Murky Bestia: A Beast of shadows comes forth that is mighty. It is fast and strong.

15-Summon Darkness Familiar: A Summon that is derived by your stats. This is your partner who is assigned
 to you for life. Darkness Familiars are mages of darkness themselves and plant curses on multiple
 enemies that deal good damage over time.


16-Vampiric Leech: Drain the life of an enemy and restore that amout to your life

17-Cry from the Darkness: Revive a dead target


17-Influxing Obscurity: Instantly Vanish a target from sight. Cannot attack when invisible.

18-Blood Wire: Sacrifice your life for a temporary boost in attack power


20-Dark Connection: Any Damage over time dealt by you or your summons deals additional damage

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Magic Minor Darkness  Empty Re: Magic Minor Darkness

Post by themagus on Sun May 19, 2019 1:29 am

Twilight sap - debuff target, buff yourself foe the same ammount.

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