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Post by Gisakia on Wed Apr 19, 2017 10:21 am

Cosmic Magic is energy drawn from the vastness of the entire universe. This is also know as Star or Moon Magic. Cosmic spells have an unbelievably high power plateau. The magic is only limited to the casters capacity to control it. This magic has powerful attack and defensive spells. It has some strange techniques for avoiding danger as well.


1-Moon Beam: Fire a laser beam of energy dealing damage to one target

2-Sun Ray: Emit a bright light with your hand. This deals damage to a target and additional damage over time

3-Star Fall: Stars rain from the sky, attacking enemies within a target area

4-Galactic Gleam: Smoke envelopes an enemy dealing damage, that enemy will then suffer twice as much damage
from the next Cosmic spell they are hit with

5-Nova Blare: Target an enemy and deal damage. This attack then will continue and attack another target
if they are directly next to the target you just attacked. This effect will chain up to 6 times.

6-Glimmering Solis: Strike a single target with a melee attack and deal good damage. Then half of that
damage is dealt as radiation poison to that target and nearby enemies of the attack

7-Cosmic Conduit: Charge this attack for one turn. Then release a mighty beam out that deals damage to
targets that are in the blast zone of this beam wave. This beam removes most beneficial buffs the
targets have.

8-Cosmic Karma: You roll, if successful you may deal the last damage you received from an enemy through the
universal connection of the reality from any distance to any enemy.

9-Infinite Oculus: Target an enemy, the next attack an enemy uses will deal damage to a different enemy
and that will be three times stronger.

10-Empyrean Shift: Call on the power of the cosmos. Shift space around you and bend reality.
You may deal damage to any enemy's that have dealt any damage to any of your allies within this
combat encounter.

Buffs and Auras

11-Planetary Banish: An enemy nearby have a chance to fall through reality and vanish from this combat

12-Cosmic Aura: Shift reality and the space around you at will. Roll when you wish to do this, if you are
successful you may rearrange how certain objects, people or enemies are placed around you within your
aura zone. This includes everything from treasures to even normal walls.

13-Power Cosmic: You become intangible. You you may move around but you may not attack until this ability
is released.


14-Summon Star: A star looms overhead, its star beams cast debuffs on all enemies

15-Summon Cosmic Familiar: A Summon that is derived by your stats. This is your partner who is assigned
to you for life. Cosmic Familiars bend reality. They may attack enemies from multiple sides and jump
around from place to place.


17-Universal Unity: Group Heal

18-Cosmic Call: Revive an ally with 25% of their life back


19-Tangible Validity: Fade from this dimension and shift into a higher Dimension where you may move over
the dimension you where in. You then drop into any location you desire within range.

20-Phenomenal Truth: Call the last attack dealt to you or any of your allies into question.
If you roll successfully that attack never dealt any damage. You can only use this on your turn.


21-Cosmonaut: You are shielded by power cosmic, all magic attacks deal little damage to you.


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Magic Minor Cosmic Empty Re: Magic Minor Cosmic

Post by themagus on Wed Aug 29, 2018 1:04 am

Crystalline Beam - A geometrical form resembling a crystal appear between your hands using the light from your surrounding to create a damaging beam with some additional effect. Any level of light is sufficient however when light is completely absent this spell has no effect.
Sunlight - radiating beam (cleanse)
Fire light - scorching beam (sets on fire)
Moonight - gravity beam (slow)
Starlight (moonless night for example) - negative energy beam. (Weakness to physical damage)
Electric light - lightning beam (paralyze)
Magic light - arcane beam (weakness to spells)

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