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Post by Gisakia on Wed Apr 19, 2017 10:40 am

Earth Magic is the control over the earth and spacial masses. You may command over the shape, form, concentration and motion of these masses. This magic type is passive heavy, with good melee spells. Earth magic is noted for fantastic buffs and it's powerful defense spells. That is what ensures that Earth Magic is some of the best defensive magic there is.

1-Tremor: Target an area and create a small quake, dealing damage to enemies. Chance to knock down

2-Terra Excutite: Lift surrounding earth at a target and fire it to damage them. Chance to knock down

3-Shoulder of Gaia: Strike enemies with your body dealing damage to them, stunning them.

4-Arm of Terram: Pound the ground with your fist. Damaging all surrounding enemies, stunning them

5-Fist of Montis: Punch a single target deep into the earth, dealing massive damage causing them to
become trapped for a short time

6-Stamp of the Field: A large shock wave shakes the earth over a large area. Stunning enemies
 and dealing damage.

Buffs and Aura

7-Body of the Earth: You regen health slowly overtime

8-Earth Aura: You and surrounding Allies gain additional defense

9-Sand Soldier: A Target's Max Life is increased

10-Rock Armor: Caster surrounds his body with earth. Reduce the next three times you are to take
 damage significantly.

11-Body of Stone: The next attack taken by the caster will be reduced to zero. The caster is
 unable to attack until attacked or this spell is released.


12-Summon Earth Familiar: A Summon that is derived by your stats. This is your partner who is assigned
 to you for life. Earth Familiars are mighty golems. They have massive defense and call enemies to
 attack it.


12-Heart of the World: A targets health is restored over time for a couple turns

13-Den of Life: Bury a target deep underground. The target is held underground for a turn. Health is
 then greatly replenished before popping up to the surface.


14-Turf Deposit: Encase a targeted area with stone. The large rock encasing that area then dives
 underground and moves quickly to a targeted location. It gently rises to the surface, releasing
 its contents safely.

15-Tomb Wall: Surround a targeted area with a very strong and large wall

16-Fasthold: Call surrounding enemies attention toward you


17-Stone Hide: Armor Value is increased and you are more resistant to magic and negative status effects

18-Rough Force: Enemies are more drawn to attack you

19-Strength of the World: You gain more strength for each point of intellect you have

20-Surplus of the Soil: Max Life is increased

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