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Post by Gisakia on Wed Apr 19, 2017 10:57 am

Ice Magic is the act of conjuring or manipulating the frigid cold, snow or ice. Ice magic has good avoidance spells and good aura spells. Ice also has some good defensive options as well. The key to ice magic though, is that all Ice Magic attack spells naturally have a 20% chance to freeze.


1-Crystal Glaze: A sudden chill damages an enemy

2-Freezethrower: A twister of icy wind ejects in front the caster damaging enemies in that direction

3-Glacier Grove: Frozen blades of ice grow from the ground surrounding the caster damaging all
 surrounding enemies

4-Sleet Sling: Conjure a whip that grabs an enemy or an object immobilizing them in ice. Then the
 caster may effortlessly throw them far away creating an explosion of ice shards in all directions when
 they land, dealing damage.

5-Permafrost: Curse the body of an enemy with the cold embrace of frost, causing them to take
 ice damage over time for 3 turns.

6-Blizzard Storm: Shower a hailstorm of ice comets that dealing damage to everything creating
 a whirlwind of winter in it's wake.

Buffs and Auras

7-Frozen Heart: Buff a target with the power of winter. Dealing additional ice damage with all attacks

8-Ice Aura: All damage taken is reduced and has a chance to freeze attackers instantly with the auras
 cold retaliation.

9-Jack Frost's Bite: Target an area, the movement speed of all enemies is decreased and all enemies
 within have a chance to freeze.

11-Absolute Zero: Target an enemy and decrease their defense against ice and melee attacks

12-Arctic Armor: Target gains additional defense


13-Snowman: A soldier of the snow. Rolling into a ball increases its defense. When it appears in its
 snowman form is fires icy projectiles that damages and possibly freezes enemies

14-Summon Ice Familiar: A Summon that is derived by your stats. This is your partner who is assigned
 to you for life. Ice Familiars have great defense and attack power. They even have a chance
 to freeze enemies on contact but are very large and very slow.

15-Frost Bats: Call forth a gust of many bats made up of ice. They deal damage to enemies and then
 quickly elude them. They can be useful to freeze many targets.


16-Cold Draw: If there is ice around you, you may replenish yourself with its frozen power
 by restoring life, this drains the ice away in the process.


17-Icicle Cycle: Turn into a snowball gathering allies along the way. You have complete control over
 this motion until the spell is broken or it is released by you. Defense while in the snowball is
 increased, but repeated attacks quickly destroys it.

18-Cold Touch: Place your hand onto a single enemy and freeze that enemy instantly


19-Passive: You deal additional damage to frozen targets

20-Passive: You're body is coated in a thin sheet of ice. This increases your movement speed
 by allowing you to skate around when you desire. You are also unaffected by the cold and are not
 easily harmed by the heat.

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Magic Minor Ice Empty Re: Magic Minor Ice

Post by themagus on Sun Dec 17, 2017 10:46 am

21 - Ice Shard: An ice shard is created over your open palm, then it's shot at an enemy. This spell penetrates through some defense/armor(% or a scaling number) and has a chance to freeze.

22 - Frozen Core: You create a core of snow and ice at a designated location. The core is 1 meter in diameter. It freeze the environment and spreading slowly (adjacent area is instantly frozen) creating ice on the ground, freezing plants, water and causing snow in the already frozen area. The freezing effect advance at a pace of 1 meter per round.

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