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Magic Minor Arcane Empty Magic Minor Arcane

Post by Gisakia on Wed Apr 19, 2017 5:46 am

Arcane has no opposite or weakness. It is immune to counter spells. It appears as a multicolored force of magical energy. Repeated attacks made from arcane will build up and stack additional % spell damage on that target.


1-Mystic Bullet: Damage with a Single Projectile at a Target

2-Arcane Bird: Damage from a living shot in the shape of a bird. Attacking Multiple Targets

3-Ambush Fort: Surround an area with a tall magic tower. Everything within the tower suffers
 confusion and damage is dealt to all within until tower fades away.

4-Vaporizing Soothsaying: A target is selected, and a countdown begins. At the end of the countdown,
 massive damage is dealt to the target.

5-Ray Torrent: Damage from an hailstorm of Arcane blasts eject from caster dealing damage to all
 surrounding enemies

6-Magicae Bunt: Melee Damage from the blow from the casters hand dealt directly to the target, confusing

Buffs and Auras

7-Magic Dew: The air is filled with Arcane power. Bonus Damage and Speed to all surrounding allies

8-Arcane Aura: Damage from all Magic attacks is increased

9-Overflow: Next Spell will deal double Damage and is more likely to hit.

10-Summon Arcane Familiar: A Summon that is derived by your stats. This is your partner who is assigned
 to you for life. Arcane Familiars stack arcane spells to boost arcane damage for caster.

11-Summon Arcane Weapon: A magical weapon made of magic flies beside you having no life dealing only
 damage to those around you and able to block attacks


12-Goblet of Amrita: Channel a heal to the target. The longer this spell is channeled,
 the stronger each subsequent heal becomes.

13-Outlet Medium: Greatly Healing the target but weakening their next attack


14-Silence: Stop any spells from being spoken from surrounding enemies for a time.

15-Mana Leech: Magic and power is drained from the target and given to the caster

16-Novis Actum: Attempt to stop an action or effect from occuring

17-Stupor: Target falls asleep


18-Arcanic Profession: When a target is attacked, it is racked with a buff for that will cause
 any additional attacks to that target from an arcane spell to deal additional damage until
 a max CAP is reached.

19-Magical Wisdom: Character is intelligent. Having foresight of things to come and actions people
 will do as well as their intentions.

20-Scientia: Immune to counter spells having no weakness or opposite.

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Magic Minor Arcane Empty Re: Magic Minor Arcane

Post by themagus on Sun Jul 29, 2018 3:35 pm

Curse - Grant a curse to your target. The curse is permenant and can't be dispelled with a standard dispell, special dispell versions may work. The curse can be raw stat decrease, penalty on all rolls, a drastic change in the character's body such as emitting vomit-enducing stink or any change of such scale.

Undo curse - The specialized spell.

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