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Post by Gisakia on Wed Apr 19, 2017 5:50 am

Beast Magic are spells or enhancements used of animals, beasts, Beastials, creatures or monsters. This spells have no opposite and can be creature specific as to what each creature can do. This magic deals good damage, has good defensive spells and it is buffs heavy.


1-Raze: Strike an enemy with your spirit, damaging them and inflicting bleeding damage overtime

2-Laceration: Turn into a twister and slice all nearby foes damaging them and decreasing all their defense

3-Primal Gash: Attack normal and then roll, if you roll successfully you may have an additional turn
after this one, you may not use this move if you used it within the last 2 turns.

4-Blitz: Dash quickly at any opponet and damage them and knock them down, you may then travel with
incredible speed to another location.

5-Pummel Ira: This attack rolls for normal damage and then rolls for additional damage, you then fire
a wave of power from your strike toward an enemy close range or far away.

6-Spiritus Mordere: Open your mouth wide and have a large mouth of you beast type surround you made
from your own spirit. The spirit form then bites down and damages an area of enemies. This attack
pierces through defense and magical defenses.

7-Echo Graze: Strike a nearby enemies and deal damage to them. Roll, if this roll is successful you may
deal that damage to another target close or far away. Roll, if that roll is successful you may do this
once more. This attack ends after this 3rd attack.

8-Circumvolted Tortility: Spiral is into a vicious cyclone. You then jettison yourself like a torpedo,
barrelling through enemies. You roll to see how far you travelled. When you stop, you then roll
a single time to see how much damage you dealt to every enemy you passed while traveling.

9-Bellow of a Beast: Shout and Stun all surrounding enemies, dealing a small amount of damage.

10-Wild Monstrous Mauling: Grow additional limbs and attack with your weapon(s). Then attack an additional
2 times to any nearby target with you base attack damage without any weapons. If you are only using
one hand to attack with your weapon, you may attack an additional time with your spare limb.

11-Foray Blast: Fire a blast of energy from your mouth at a target. When it lands it explodes and deals
damage to all nearby foes.

12-Grasp of Abhorrence: Pick up an enemy and throw them at a target enemy with such incredible force
that it damages both severly and stuns them.

13-Glare for Gore: Give a look of pure terror, all enemies who are looking at you are suddenly violently
filled with suffering. They suffer a damage that is not effected by defense or resistance and are
charged with a fear effect.

15-Parisitic Bite: Deal damage to a nearby target and restore that amount of life to you.

16-Animalistic Expiration: Pick an element and blast that element from your mouth at enemies infront of
you dealing damage to them. Additional effects are caused based on this element.
Fire- Damage over time
Ice- Freeze
Earth- Stun
Darkness- Blind
Light- Defense Decreased
Void- Teleport
Thunder- Chain attack 3 additional enemies who were not effected by attack
Mentalism- Enchant
Sound- Sleep
Material- Attack Decreased
Water- Heal allies within blast zone
Arcane- Interrupt and Silence
Wind- Cast enemies far away

17-Savage Annihilation: Tense up for your strongest attack. This puts a strain on your body and deals
damage to yourself. Then you release your inner beast! Onslaughting your spirit for a massive single
blow attack to a single target. This deals an insaine amount of damage. You then cannot move for one
turn in order to recover.

Buffs and Auras

18-Vicious Presence: All nearby enemies will have a 10% chance to miss their attacks.

19-Beast Aura: Increase your Speed, Health, and Attack power.

20-Primordial Blood: Target will be immune to all negative status effects

21-Ferocious Animosity: Select a single target, that target will have weaker
attacks against you and weaker defense while protecting itself from your individual attacks.
This applies to you only.

22-Monster of Dread: Grow in size and take on a ghastly appearance. You become covered in spines causing
a small amount of damage for anyone who attacks you. Youre ears become larger and you grow many eyes.
Your preception is then brought to an incredible level. You now also deal double damage and your defense
is increased. You may now leap instantly to any opponent that is within eyeshot.
This effect lasts for 3 turns. After the effect you may not use this ability for this combat encounter.


23-Call of the Wild: Call forth creatures of your type or another if available to help you. Their
stats are up to the DM.

24-Summon Mad Creature: You summon forth a legendary creature. This creature cannot be controlled by you
or any other. It is rampant and attacks anything it sees. It is incredibly strong. You may unsummon
this creature at any point and make it disappear completely.

25-King of the Jungle: Summon an invincible Beast. It has a random element assigned to it. It only
stays around for 3 turns, and can only be summoned once per encounter. A failure to summon will call
a being of darkness that will attempt to drain your life away.

26-Mating Call: Call forth a member of the opposite sex of your beast type. They will assist you until
they die. Stats assigned will be based on roll or the decision of the DM.


27-Devour: Consume a dead target and regain health.

28-Cat Nap: Take a quick nap. This gives you a sleep status effect. You will regain life based on how long
the sleep effect lasted.

29-Bond of the Pact: Nearby allies with be blessed with a heal


30-Veil: Become hidden from sight if not in combat. The next attack you do will do deal twice as much
damage and decrease the defense of that enemy.

31-Elude: The next attack that comes your way will be dodged and allow you to travel a distance.

32-Superior Speed: You may travel incredibly fast. How this is done depends on what beast you are.

33-Body of a Beast: Armor is Increased

34-Natural Speech: You may talk to animals

35-Alertness: You have increased senses and can see in the dark

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