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Weapon Perk list Empty Weapon Perk list

Post by CherryDire on Tue Jun 06, 2017 12:01 pm

Blessed-Does bonus damage versus Unholy
Lightweight-Strength stat requirement is lowered

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Weapon Perk list Empty Re: Weapon Perk list

Post by themagus on Thu Sep 06, 2018 5:18 am

Empowering [stat] - Add to a base stat.

Mayham - Causes panic on hit.

Sentient - Has consciousness and a typically appropriate behavior.

Bound - Tied to a person. Location is known to the owner, may mysteriously return to owner after a while if seperated.

Harmless - Damage dealt counts as  none lethal, enemies turn unconscious instead of dying. Can kill if used for execution \ coup de grace, only if the enemy is helpless.

Harmful - The user of this weapon must use it after drawing it. Not using the weapon for harm requires a check of the users' willpower.

Vibrant - Each hit change the weapons' aura colour making it deal damage of a different element (bad for tabletop!).

Hunter - Attack bonus against creature type.

Focused Attack - By taking a moment to concentrate, gain a bonus to hit chance.

[Element] weapon - Deal bonus damage according to the element type.

Percise Strike - The weapon has higher crit chance.

Spooky - Striking an opponent makes him afraid giving it penalties on hit rating and\or lowering the checks against its' abilities\spells\whatever. The check is made for every opponent that is hit every round.

Split - The damaging part of the weapon splits to two just before the hit lands making it strike twice. You have to roll the attack for the split extra weapon,  if you roll a critical only one of the hits can be a critical.

Attraction - weapons of attraction have a gravitational field just ahead of their damaging part, causing them to strike with greater force. Add +1 to the weapons' damage. However, if someone use a shield or a long weapon to block an attraction weapon change the +1 damage to the weapon into +1 armour to the defender from this weapon only.

Silenced - Interactions with this weapon produce no sound. Striking, unsheathing, reloading, shooting etc'... Are unnaturally silent.

Of the Wild - These weapons have a rune or trinket in the form of animal weapons such as claw or talon. Just as the weapon is about to strike a it changes into the spiritual form of the symbol it carries. This effect count as less than the standard toward the cap on enchantments for this weapon. Each weapon is made for a specific individual by the tribes' craftsman. Depending on the rune the weapon will have an additional effect:
Talon - Bleeding for 3 each round untill healed by any mean.
Claws - Stucking to the target.
Shell - Can be used as a shield.
Porcupine quill - Delivers infection when injuring the target.
Snake fangs \ toad - Poison.
Eel - Electricity.
Killer plant \ spider - Acid.
Three wolves \ wolf heads - Gain advantage on attack when engaging the same target with an ally who has the same emchantment.
Pangolin - The weapon becomes tougher making it harder to break.
Predator fangs - Ignore some of the targets' armour.

Consuming - When an enemy is killed the weapon feeds on the essence of the enemy granting it higher damage. Duration is number of rounds based on enemy level, damage works the same. The weapon can use onlu a single essence and does not store an essence it had previously dismissed. As a default the strongest essence is used.

Arcane - Arcane weapons deal bonus magic damage. This damage is pure magic force. An arcane weapon also doubles for spell focus; it can be used to channel spells or replace a focus however, it can't be used as a focus for relics or spells that utilize SO.

Masterful - Masterful weapons are crafted with extra care and attention by skilled craftsmen. These weapons are easier to use giving them +1 to hit and are more durable than their common counterparts.

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Weapon Perk list Empty Re: Weapon Perk list

Post by CherryDire on Fri Oct 26, 2018 10:22 am

Ornate - Weapon sells for more

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Weapon Perk list Empty Re: Weapon Perk list

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