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Post by CherryDire on Mon May 15, 2017 2:40 pm

None Atm, Shall make some Eventually. However a Perk Mastery is a concept. Using said perk enough to rank it up without spending points

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Positive Perk List Empty Re: Positive Perk List

Post by CherryDire on Wed May 24, 2017 3:23 pm

Technophile - More effective with Sci-fi era weapons/ items.

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Positive Perk List Empty Re: Positive Perk List

Post by themagus on Wed May 31, 2017 4:12 am


Lethality - Increase your critical chance with a specific spell or weapon.

Enhanced Lethality - Increase your critical chance with a spell or weapon you have Lethality with, when using it with a move.

Exalted Lethality - Further increase the critical chance of a specific weapon or spell. Requires you to have Lethality with that spell or weapon.

Iconaclast - Doing more damage against religion based beings (gods, demons, angles etc'...)

Akre's Modular Skeleton - Ekre was a powerful necromancer known not for his frightening power but for being able to prepare for anything. He was an innovative genius who rebelled againt the common practices. As a result he refused to maintain a connection with a standard familiar and put his efforts and time into making his own companion out of the bones of the deceased. Investing lots of his time and insight in his lab he created a formula for an undead familiar fit for any task. He sold his secret formula which became known later on. This replaces the familiar summoning spell with an undead skeletal familiar that require daily maintenance but is always present and ready to serve. It lacks free will but may be built with a measure of intelligence. Changing parts takes a few hours which includes careful tinkering and time to recast the spells required. The A in the spells' name is a typo that Ekre hated in his life as well as his death.

[Elemental] Breath - You breath an element! Each time this ability is gained the elemental breath gets higher damage.
Requires: A good reason.

Extended Breath - Each time you take this perk your breath range is increased.
Requires: [Elemental] Breath.

Shapeshift - [enter generic description here]. As an innate ability, like [elemental] breath.

Animalistic Speach - You talk somewhat like a type of an animal so you can be partially understood by them.
Requires: Deep study of chosen animal. 

Widowmaker - You know what the boys want so well it's a game to you, as long as others of your gender aren't there to interfere with your fun and schemes.
Effect: Gain bonus when dealing with males for interaction and damage and a disadvantage with females (for example: +10% damage vs males and -5% vs females).
Prerequisites: Female.

Telepath - Taken this perk? Good. You're a telepath now! Enjoy needing to invest tones of points in perks that don't exist yet while listening to all the minds around you without beinh able to affect anything cause you're too weak.

Conductor - whenever you get electrified you can choose to release the current with no I'll effect done to you as long as you van touch something which will recieve the electricity.

Spotter - You're good at recognizing details at great distances and have a sense for measuring your envirenment (be it distances or number of units in an army).


Fighting Styles
Fighting styles are meant to compliment your combat. Choose the way you fight (weapon, stance, mindset, whatever), your fighting style will only apply to it.

Defensive: You are harder to hit -- You're able to avoid incoming attacks by utilizing your weapon -- Dodging an enemy's attack allow you to move a single square.

Protective: You're better able to withstand shock and trauma -- It is possible for you to block all types of HP damaging attacks -- You can protect an adjecent ally.

Countering: Performing a counter (riposte, reflex shot etc') cause partial damage to the enemy -- Preparing to counter an attack allow you to execute your full attack maneuver if the counter is successful -- being prepared to execute a counter allow you to execute a special combat maneuver (takedown, cuffing, stunning, disarming etc').

Aggressive: You deal extra damage when you're capable of performing your full attack maneuver --Performing a full or special combat attack (power attack, divine strike etc') overwhelms enemies so they're unable to react by attacking you -- Succeeding in a special attack will force your enemy to recover as a part of his action, restricting the ammount of action he's capable of on his turn.



Able Disabler - You can sabotage mechanical and electrical devices faster upon succeeding on a harder check.

Mechanical Field Deployment - You can prepare and deploy equipment faster during combat upon succeeding on a harder check.

Workaround'er - You're able to fix mechanical devices using unconventional parts and methods.

Tactile Hand - You gain advantage at dealing with tasks that require menual dexterity.



Shadow Among Shadows - Move in dark areas without compromising your stealth (without raising more audiable or visual ques than you would have staying still).

Lockmaster - Bonus at lockpicking.

Absent Path (what the hell is this ability name even?) - You cover your traces as you move around making it harder to track you.

Wiggly Finger (again with a lame name?) - Bonus at pickpocketing.

One of Them - Bonus at hiding in a crowd.

Anatomy Study - When you first take this perk you have wider knowledge about the anatomy of the common civilized races. In addition you specialize in one type of enemy you otherwise wouldn't be able to sneak attack. This specialization enable the sneak attack for that type (for example - robots, golems, undead etc'...). You can pick this perk multiple times, each adeitional time enables your sneak attack for one additional enemy type.


Combat general

Descending Slam - Using a high jump or falling onto an enemu allow you to slam youself or your weapon at the enemy, dealing extra damage.

Successive Chambering - You can quickly chamber a round manually when the guns' chamber is empty, allowing you to utilize all your attacks on your turn.

Precise - You are better able calculate and feel trajectory (I can't do wording, help?)
Effect: Increase Dex efficiency/values for all kinds of accurate combat like bows, dex based martial arts, snipers, throwing knives etc'...
Prerequisites: Certain ammount of dex.

Powerful Propulsion - Your flight speed is increased. Doesn't apply to mayical flight.

Aerial Offence - You gain a bonus when attacking on the fly (dive attacks, wing-by, collision etc'...).

I Am The Sky - You can react better while airborne, doesn't apply to magical flight.

Agile Flight - Your flight maneuverability increases with non-magical flight.

Hover - You can stop and hover and break out of hovering to your normal speed. Doesn't apply to magical flight.

Specialized Weapons Training - You're familiar with a specific weapon system.


Melee combat

Accurate - You're landing your hits more often.
Effect: Increased hit rating efficiency (the way hit rating is calculated so it's scaling?)
Requirements: None.

Weapon Hold - You have a bonus to grapple hold an enemy with your weapon.

Offensive Fury [tag] - Sacrifice defence to gain damage. You can sacrifice your defensive stat with your level being the cap and your defensive stat can't be lower than 1. The gain in damage is in a 1-1 ratio.

Revenge Strike - Hit an enemy that just hit you. This can happen once per round per enemy, up to 1\4 your level.

Full Moon - Deal extra damage with hefted bladed weapons like scythes, helberds, naginata etc'...

Veils' Edge - Additional damage with all sword types.


Shape Spell - Reshape an aoe spell to your liking. The area of the new shape can't be bigger than the original.

Radiant Condiut - You're capable of channeling more divine energy giving your abilities extra power or allowing you to use more powers .

Spell Fixation
After gaining a mastery in one magic school you are quite good at magic and have deeper understanding of it. This allows you to quickly research a single medium level or lower spell from a magic school you have no training in and add it as your spell but one tier higher than the spell originally is.
Requires [Elemental Mastery]

Arcane Adept
Effect: Halves the stat requirement for spell tier access.

Arcane Master
Effect: Reduce the stat requirement for spell tier access by 1. Requires Arcane Adept and max or close-to-max level.

Casting Executioner
By rigorous preperation and practice you can cast a spell so fast you'll have time to cast an additional spell.
Effect: Choose a single spell when your character rest or have time to for preperation. You prepare spells which you must choose at the time of preperation, to the point the very last actions are needed to trigger it. This will make the spell take the time of a minor action and leave you with enough time to perform your major actions like spellcasting or running around. To cast this spell pass a concentration check of 15 + spell tier.

[Element] Attunement - Attuning to an element makes it a constant part of your abilities, granting you further grasp of it's qualities.
Effect: +resist and damage of [element], +resist of the element countered by the attuned element (+10% water damage, +5% water and fire resist for example).
Requirements: Vast meddling with to be attuned element.

[Elemental] Aptitude - Further strengthens your capabilities with a specific elemental magic and slightly increase your resistance vs the opposite element. Requires [Elemental] Attunement. (+15% damage, +10% resistance)

[Elemental] Mastery - Rigorous training brought you to be extremely powerful with the element of your choice, adding substantial power to your chosed elemental effects. Requires [Elemental] Aptitude. Doesn't increase defense of opposite element (+25% damage).

Master of Elements - Substantially increase all the cumulative effects of the elements you mastered (+25% damage and resistance). Requires [Elemental] Mastery.


Stat effects

Animalistic Movement - You move more like the animal that inspires you.
Effect: You gain bonuses on types of movement based on the movement features of a specific animal.
Examples: Monkey for climbing and branch-to-branch swinging, hummingbird or hawk if you can fly, praying mantis if you're Jet Li etc'...
Requirements: Deep understanding and study of said animal. You can choose only 1 animal for this perk and cannot change it, but you can take this perk again with a different chosen animal.

Lively Form - You...- ?
Effect: Effect: Increase the effectiveness of Vitality

Heavy Physic - Stronger!
Effect: Increase the effectiveness of Strength.

The Rock - You can take more than others.
Effect: Increase the effectiveness of Endurance.

Quick Study - Smarter!
Effect: Increase the effectiveness of Intelligence.

Quicker than the Eye - Faster!
Effect: Increase the effectiveness of Agility.

Arts of the Body - You're skillful at controlling your movement.
Effect: Increase the effectiveness of Dexterity.

Walking Under Your Starts - You're good at slipping on 200$ bills.
Effect: Increase the effectiveness of Luck.

Tactical Precision - By quickly reading situations you can adjust yourself for dangerous efficiency.
Effect: Use Intelligence instead of Luck for calculating criticals and mishap chance and outcomes.
Prerequisites: High Int, medium-low Dex

Deft Fingers
You're very skillful with actions that require manual dexterity.

Radiant Bloodline
The genes of a celestial creature somewhere down you family tree express themselves in you.
Health regen by natural means and healing spells is greatly increased, +vs effects that change your alignment and mindset.

Strength Expertise
You gain a bonus on strength based interactions (climbing, lifting, grappling, bullrushing etc'...).

Clear Mind
You learned to know the depths of you mind and by knowing how to focus it you get a clear sight of reality, keeping you from unnecessary distractions.
+vs mind affecting effects, +concentration

Will of the Mountains
When you concentrate on a task your concentration is exceptionally hard to break.



Spell Overdrive (SO)
Choose a spell. You can now augment it past its' exhaustion point.
*This is a prerequisite for unlocking all the spell-overdrive (SO) abilities and perks.

Magical Echo
Your understanding of your spell brings you to recognize its' patterns across reality, enabling you to call upon it on completion. The spell will be cast again at the beginning of your next turn automatically.
Requires SO.

Strengthen Spell
You change the spel to better fit your idium, giving it more raw power in the process.
Increase the scaling of a spells' damage by 0.5. This perk can be taken multiple times, each time for a different spell.
Requires SO.

Power Spell
This is your powerful, good ol' reliable spell.
Effect: Increase the damage scaling of the spell by 1. This perk can be taken only once per spell.
Requires SO.
Requires Strengthen Spell.

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Positive Perk List Empty Re: Positive Perk List

Post by CherryDire on Thu Mar 15, 2018 5:52 pm

*Meta Magic, increases the damage scaling of a spell by a set amount, count increases based off of tier

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Positive Perk List Empty Re: Positive Perk List

Post by themagus on Thu Oct 04, 2018 2:21 am

Making another post to because editing the last one on a phone is a mess.

Expanding on specialized weapons training, this will have a lot of branches. The initial perk will make you familiar with a set of weapons your character is expose to depending on its' background. [For example - a character that live in european medieval times and take this perk will be proficient in spear, crossbow, axe, longsword, sling, mace&shield etc'...] From there the perks will get more specific and so will their bonuses; Choosing a single type of weapon (rifles, axes...) And moving to a specific weapon design (ak47, igorot axe)

Wholesomeless of the two ends - A double weapon (including staff) fighting style. Gain bonus to hit rating and armor with a double weapon.
Requires: Double weapon.
Prerequisites: Low STR, mid DEX, mid level.

Lightning Strike - A rapier offensive style that emphasizes speed and timing.
Gain bonus to hit rate and damage.

Coiling Viper - A fighting method revolving around knives and contact.
Gain bonus armour\dodge towards the target, gain hit rate.

Lone Draft - An arming \ bastard sword fighting style focused around a syncronization of body movement and sword strikes. Can only be used by a one handed sword with no other weapon in the other hand. Gain bonus to dodge, when an enemy misses you gain bonus to hit and damage.

Solid Totem - A method for making the best use of your shield, allowing you to keep facing your enemy even if they tumble around or try to distract you.

Lion Rend - Claws aggressive fighting method that take any chance the targrt might offer to strike. If an enemy you're fighting uses a strike or maneuver on you, you can attack it before his move hits you.

Sneak Attack - You can hit vital spot on unaware enemies.
Gain bonus damage when hitting an unaware enemy.

Advanced Sneak Attack - Increase the sneak attack damage by a set ammount.

Master Sneak Attack - Increase sneak attack damage by a set ammount.

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Positive Perk List Empty Re: Positive Perk List

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