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Lords of Violation Empty Lords of Violation

Post by themagus on Sun May 05, 2019 3:31 pm

Those seeking power needn't go far. The world is ripe. It is divided, tensed, interconnected. The thirsty for influence need only to... Stir the pot. It is easy to make your rival play your hand, as though toying with a marionette. The nations are ready and structured, their politics but delicate threads that will dance as they orchestrate their will with a mere breath, a small gesture, a hint.

The lords of violation are a cabal with the sole purpose of power and influence. They have no intention of ruling the world, not as governments of empires. The world is, as they see it, perfect as it is right now, with most of its' citizens trained and ready to serve someone else. They have someone, maybe more, where they deem important though nobody is known to work directly for them. They have a hand or a say in the most secretive and lucrative projects, government or private, which they push towards success as often as they would drag into oblivion with consistent results. They are believed to have openly practiced their schemes in occasions where no other explanation was good enough.

The lords themselves are obsessive, intelligent and egoistic. Each has its' own kink and queer as none are entirely sane.
One might feel like without power they themselves will be powerless, the other wish to "collect" names that will do his bidding, creating a list of individuals whom he can push and pull and those who will be affected by it, the third will experience a delight so strong by knowing he is responsible to the change of colors on a map in just a specific pattern. Each dedicated to their art. Each mysterious in their motives. All as powerful as they are illusive... But, with such grand obsession and attention to details, perhaps the world rules them, as much as they rule it?

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