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Post by themagus on Tue Apr 02, 2019 11:24 pm

*The way I see it an item out of a shop has uncommon quality. It may become common after some use.

[item name]
Shoddy -
Breaking tendencies: various parts are so used they are already cracked and may break at any moment.
Corroded: rotten wood, rusted metal or otherwise deteriorated material condition make the item less effective.
Deformed: torn and bent plates of armor, a dented barrle etc'... Make items not usable without repair.

Battle worn -
Worn: dull edges, weak straps, old betteries etc'... Are a window to malfunctions and failures.
Repaired: straightened dents in armour, soldered cracks etc'... Make the gear less effective.
Scarred: kill count marks, scratches and chippings are there each to tell a story.

Common -
Thumping: lower fire rate and higher damage give this quality its' name.
Polar Taste: This gear is good against a type of enemy but bad against its'opposite. Example- armour will give 15% extra defense vs prehistoric creatures but will take 15% more damage from robots.

Uncommon -
Smooth operation: even, sharp blade, well oiled mechanical parts, fitted plates, all in good condition make the gear easier to use.
Hunters': Gear that offer extra utility to the man in the wild like, holding the gear while fixing a trap and durable materials.

Outstanding -
Well polished: this piece of gear got the personal attention of a trained craftsman, promising quality over long use. (Higher utility stats like resistance to corrosion, no mechanical failures etc'...)

Exceptional -
Fitted: a tool created for a specific persons' needs and ergonomically design for their requirements.
Slayers': This equipement is meant for killing a certain type of creature. Increase damage and situational advantage again said creature by 1.

Royal -
Singular: A weapon so well made and designed you don't think you'll see anything like it. (Increase supporting stats)

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