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Post by CherryDire on Wed May 24, 2017 2:51 pm

Added by themagus

Power Attack
The good old power attack. Two handed heavy weapons, big blows that kill stuff, you know what it does.
Prerequisites: Low level, certain ammount of strength.
Effect: + Damage. Taking Some kind of resource (stamina, time, whatever).

You choose a single enemy to focus your fire on.
Prerequisites: low-mind level, precision weapon proficiency (can be taken with any kind).
Effect: +Damage, -Armor vs all opponents but your chosen target.The effect is lost if the target is changed and needs to be reapplied.

Focused Sharpshooting
Taking aim to get a more successful shot.
Prerequisites: Mid-high level, precision weapon proficiency (can be taken with any kind), Sharpshooting.
Effect: For every [ammount of time/resource] spent charging this ability you get a set +Hit, +Crit chance (and probably power too).

Holding an energy weapons' charge to deliver an augmented attack.
Prerequisites: Proficiency with any kind of weapon that shoots energy.
Effect: + Damage, the more you charge the weapon the more damage you do, but charging too much will cause malfunction. Consumes ammunition.
*Different weapons can receive different additional effects, maybe as compensation for the risk of overcharging the overcharge (or this can be another perk?) Thoughts:
Precision weapons (i.e. - lazer rifles, wand of force lance etc') can penetrate and hit a 2nd target for 50% damage if released on 4/5 charges and for 100% damage if released on 5/5 charges
Blast weapons (i.e. - hand-held plasma cannons, staff of cone of fire etc') will increase their aoe by 25% at 4/5 and 50% at 5/5.

Fortress Stance
Keeping on the defensive allow you to mitigate and protect from damage.
Prerequisites: Mid-high level, certain ammount of defensive/hp stat (Vitality or Endurance).
Effect: +Armor, limits offensive and utility capabilities, apply the decreased damage to the area you occupy (to protect allies).

Situation visualized for fortress stance:
1 - In a medieval time place, two people go at it in a bar fight. One pommeling his fists down on the other, taking him to the floor. The bouncer - a big burly guy with simple clothing and attitude yank the winning guy from the other, holding them away from one another with stretched out hands. He uses this stance to shrug off their blows as they still trying to hit eachother in that little moment of ignorance before they realize it's all over and they're about to be thrown out to the street. The moment the two guys let go the bouncer grab their collars and toss them out.

2 - A future warrior wearing a heavy power suite, almost a mech, holding a hand-held plasma cannon leads an attack on an enormous fire dragon (because you said people can travel the multiverse, and because I want raids). The dragon, seeing the veteran group coming for him jump and flap his wings, taking off to the air and retreating from the party, a dangerous red glow forming in his chest. The warrior see that and having heard about the famous dragon breath, he take a hand off the plasma cannon.
The barrel slams into the ground at the same time the warrior hit the glowing circle on his right chest plate. The suite channels the energy from most of it's systems to create a bubble-like force field around the warrior and his allies gather close to him. The dragon breath fire that's hot as magma but only fractions of it make it through the shield. The group, lightly incinerated but still kicking hard spread out to continue the fight.

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Move lists Empty Re: Move lists

Post by themagus on Wed May 31, 2017 4:42 am

An attack move designed to set a pace to combat, strike first, or reliably hit your target.
Effect: deal damge with an attack. Damage: 3 hit rate: +10.

You hit your targets with successive fire.
Prerequisites: Low-mid level, weapon that can be fired rapidly
Effect: +[certain percentage] of [number of attacks / fire rate] with no penalty for accuracy. This move decreases mobility. You can break out of Gunslinger early by using a high mobility action but you can't do both at the same time.

Name: Shocktrooper
Prerequisite: low-Mid level, using either a shield (basically not something like a buckler, and yes for a kite/riot/force field shields) OR a 2H weapon.
Effect:+defense when using a medium or larger shield and standing still OR +damage when holding a 2H weapon and moving.
Learning this in different universes will have a different effect based on the tech of said universe (hence this being actually 3 different moves/perks/w.e.).
Past: +vs Stun
Present: +vs Knockdown
Future: +vs Hinder

Trickery Attack
Move to flank your enemy and hit for extra damage.
Effect: When [close distance] to you enemy choose a [melee range] position to move to. After the movement you attack for + damage. Doesn't have to move if already in a good position (and just want the damage). Requires: stamina (or just plainly to succeed in the move?)
Prerequisites: Dex, low-mid level.

Hit an unaware enemy for critical damage.
Effect: +damage, autocrit. Have to already flank an enemy from behind.
Requires: Time to initiate (maybe something like 3sec in pc platform and spending a round behind the enemy in tabletop form?).
Prerequisites: Dex, mid-high level, knowledge of anatomy... idk

Divine Strike
You summon your God's power to execute a mighty attack.
Effect: + Damage [holy], +Crit chance
Requires: Using a weapon that deliver physical damage, spoken command (works even if silenced), Resource (faith points or something like that).
Prerequisites: Being acknowledged by the god you follow.

Phase Walk
You disappear mid-step into a different dimension only to appear in a different location shortly after. Movement and any kind of terrain in this other dimension are significantly easier than in your current dimension.
Effect: +movement distance, +movement categories. You move to a location of your choice outside of your current dimension. Requires: Movement.
Prerequisites: Having magical origins or being trained to do so (includes basic magical training of sorts).

Red Whirlwind
You surrender your mobility to increase the speed and efficiency of your cuts, resulting in a spinning dance of death.
Effect: -hit chance +damage (up to about 20%) +crit chance +hit speed (I think x2 ~ x3)
Requires: Light 1 handed weapons in more than 1 hand or double weapon.
Prerequisites: Dex, Dual Weapons proficiency

Thrust something something Idon'tknow
You take half a step back to study your opponent and ready your weapon, striking with such speed that you penetrate your target.
Effect: Penetrated target takes max damage and is stunned for 3s. Target behind it is being dealt a normal hit.
Requires: A piercing melee weapon.
Prerequisites: Dex, Agi, proficiency with used weapon.

You spread your magic around you in a pattern that will enhance the next spell you do.
Effect: enter an empowering mode to allow the next magical effect you produce be more powerful in all its' aspects.
Can only be used by inate casters (no divine for example) as the magic must be from within you to compliment your next spell.

Blink Slash
You disappear from the naked eye as you close the distance to your target, cutting it with all the force of your movement.
Effect: Moving instantly to the target, double damage on hit.

Momentum Strike
The fighter whirl to build momentum, planning where to strike as he move and planting his weapon into his opponent.
Effect: Strike for bonus damage and ignore all natural defenses, including shields. This attack may be interrupted while prepared (in the short time when the character whirls to gain momentum) and may go through magical defenses depending on the weapon enchantment.
It can only be done with heavy-end, hard-bodied weapons like a longaxe or a morningstar.

Warp Spasm
Sort of battle frenzy. I don't know all the details. The tale say that the hero capable of such rage is twisted by it, his body malfigures to a terrible, unheard of monstrous shape and the literal sparks of his anger show from his mouth. Such a combatant is capable of defeating hundreds of warriors. For more details see the The Cattle Raid of Cooley section of the wiki page of Cú Chulainn. I saw that and thought it needs to be here.
Prerequisites: High level, high physical stats

Called Intervention
You call upon the force you worship to take action through you.
Effect: Your deity has direct control over you for the duration. It's only limit is the power your body and soul can channel.
Prerequisites: Medium level, being acknowledged by your deity and channeling its' power for a long time (a few levels), high INT

Natures' Might
Choose a specialization when getting this move. You call upon the powers of the natural world to augment your magic (used as a part of that action).
Wildlife: Your summon is augmented, bringing forth vicious beasts (instead of 1) to rip your enemies apart
Companion: Your companion buff spell gets empowered, increasing it's stats far beyond the natural spells' limits and giving it a template by it's alignment (like fire, lightning, demonic, celestial, void, arcane etc'...)
Shapeshift: You shift into a more powerful form. Basically same as Companion but for yourself and when you shapeshift.
Elements: Your direct damage elemental spell is changed to create fury of elements, hurling the 4 prime elements at your enemy as an overwhelming storm.
Prerequisites: Basically to be a druid

Adding the Shapeshift skill from Nature Magic for refrence because this doesn't work as a spell:
Shapeshift: Become an animal. You may shape shift into a creature that you have seen before.
 Your ability to preform spells ends unless that beast is able to speak.
 Your stats are replaced by the stats of an animal.
 You may only transform 2 times within one combat engagement until you are a higher level.
 The upgrade over 4 times is an unlimited number of transformation times.
 When you transform you gain the life and ability of that creature. If you are killed in animal
 form, you do not die. Instead, in additional damage that was overkill to finish you off is
 dealt to your caster form. If no damage is dealt, then one damage is dealt to your caster

 You can only perform actions that, the creature could do. For example, a snake cannot open doors.
 You may choose whether or not the items you are carrying vanish into your subspace or if they
 are worn by your beast form.
 When you transform you may choose what ability that animal would have
 Dig- Burrow underground and become safe from attacks
 Stealth- Becomes difficult to detect until you attack
 Fly- Fly into the air and evade ground obstacles
 Swim- Able to quickly dive underwater and virtually requiring no oxygen
 Other abilities may be available within reason.

Adding Befriend the Beast for the same reason potentially, even though I wrote that as a spell already:
Befriend a Beast: Target an enemy and attempt to encourage it to aid you. If you are successful the
 beast becomes your ally. This creature is separate from you, but it is your ally.

Greater Shout - Shout out your warcry, scarying enemies and bolstering your allies' bravery.

Impact Shock - Using two blunt weapons, you slam the target twice. The strikes have such a short time between them thqt the targets' body gets paralyzed as it's unable to recover from the shock and gets disoriented for a moment. To calaulate this attacks' damage add the damage from both weapons to a single number. The attacks follow one another so fast they're as goof as one.
Effect - Damage from both weapons is added to a single hit, stuns for 3 seconds.
Requires: Dual weapons fighting or unarmed, fighting with 2 blunt weapons, certain level or stat (but not both).
I'd say it's a low-ish level move. Simple and reliable.

Battle Rage - Increase damage and attack speed, slightly reduce armor and hit chance.

Surface Burst (Strike) - Break through a thin layer of the surface you're under and attack as a single move. +25% damage, you have the initiative. Good for ambushing.

Amalgam Strike - The controller gather its' minions to connect them in a way that allow them to unite their attack. They combine all their power to deliver a single attack. The damage is all the minions' damage plus 50% of that damage.

Death Claws - A technique developed by a rogue tribesman and a monk couple. Use two daggers to pressure your opponent and open themselves letting you add your sneak attack bonus to the final strike. The strikes building to the final attack must hit but don't have to do damage - they must be convincing in their threat to force the enemy to try and defend themselves. The final attack have a high bonus to hit rating.
Idea for tabletop - you must be able to attack multiple times. Roll your attacks, if all of them hit gain +5 on your last one and add sneak attack damage.

Momentum Charge - Charge at the target and slam your weight into it delivering a knockback \ knockdown. If you have a melee weapon you can use it to attack as you close in. If you have a strength based move like shield slam or momentum strike you can use them for stun or damage in addition to this move.
This move has almost no damage but increase damage of attacks done through it by 25%.
Prerequisites- Medium strength \ vit, medium-low level.

Shield Slam - Stun an enemy with your shield doing a normal damage attack.
Prerequisites - medium strength, low level.

Cyclone Strike - Set your blade to the side of your body and whirle about, hitting the enemys' weak point, leaving a vicious bleeding effect. This attack multiply your damage by 2.5.
Requires - Two handed sword.
Prerequisites - High str, medium dex, high level.

Reaper Strike - Using a heavy-momentum cutting weapon such as a scythe, axe, half pounder arrow, falchion etc'... You strike the enemy for X2 damage and disable it in some way (limp, disabled arm, w\e).
Prerequisites - mid srength, mid dex, high level.

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Post by themagus on Wed Oct 17, 2018 2:27 am

Post to throw stuff into and arragne things later.

Force Charger - Each round you hold your spell you enhance its' effect. Consume a charge\mana equa to the spells' consumption per round held. Add 100% damage, 50% range and 50% aoe  or add 1 target penetration for beams per round held of the original stats.

Gore - If you have a minion and they possess the characteristics you can order them to charge and gore the enemy.

Tackle - A minion can slam into an enemy in order to fell it or interrupt its' advance if the enemy is moving near the minion. The minion gains advantage but lower armor vs anyone who it isn't tackling.

Grounding hold - Your minion can keep someone prone as a continous struggle action. The minion gains small bonus vs the struggling enemy but lower armor vs anyone else.
Prerequizite: tackle.

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