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Post by Gisakia on Mon Mar 27, 2017 10:06 pm

I feel we can have races but Im unsure that if you are a race that you have different stats because of that?
Or is it just some pointless shit that makes it more fun.
Here are some very important races that I feel should be in the game.

*Orc: A smelly muscular psychopath who cant talk right.
*Jackasses: Basically everyone you've ever met.
*Douchebags: Fuckers who just wont get off.
*Elves: Pussies, they are pretty much an entire race of feminists.
*Robots: Bad ass, soulless, cold blooded mutha fukas who will ice any bitch who gets in their way.
*A real Nigga: Someone who doesnt take no for an answer. They say what they mean and do it.
*A fake ass Nigga: Someone who does take no for an answer. They say what they dont mean and do the opposite.
*Strong Bird: It appears to be like any average bird, only its strong as fuk for no reason.
*Transformer: A dubstep song and an 80s cartoon, rolled into one. It can be a car, a person, even a friend. But everyone knows the yellow one is the fucking best one and if you dont agree you can go fuck yourself.Races ANd SHit Ddda10

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