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Post by Gisakia on Sat Apr 22, 2017 1:07 am

Nature Magic is the living magic which aligns itself with the essence of the wilderness. It can call animals to it's side and control plants. It has nearly endless reaches of lore, sprawling back all the way to the dawn of creation. All things harmonize together in the bond that is the central plan to preserve and maintain life. Nature magic has good damage over time and some immobilizing spells. It has good heals and most notably has the ability to shape shift into animals.


1-Inhibiting Ivy: Target and enemy and deal damage for them and restrain them in a hold for 1 turn

2-Mass of Wasps: Swarm an area with wasps dealing damage over time, once enemy is effected the bees follow
 them and deal damage for that enemy for 2 turns

3-Ortus: Shine the brightness of the day on a target inflict damage and a debuff

4-Wildflower Stockade: A field of wildflowers surround you putting all enemies around you asleep and dealing
 damage to them. They are given a damage over time for 2 turns

5-Snakeroot: White flowers grow on a target enemy. This causes the target weakness and a massive
 reduction of their stats. When the target dies, it explodes into a deadly bush that deals damage to
 any who get near it.

6-Curse of Nightshade: Curse an enemy with damage over time. The target is then given a strong
paralysis will last until the enemy is able to roll to escape it.

7-Seed of Death: Plant a seed. Either in the ground, wall, or an enemy. Then wait for 3 turns. After
 three turns you may cast a release on the seed. This will create a smoke plague of great death to erupt
 from the plant, releasing spores. Any enemy who inhales this toxic mix, will be brutally cursed with
 damage over time that does not end until death.

8-Lily Conc: Surround yourself with blades of the lily blossom. It's pedals spin around you quickly and
 are razor sharp, dicing enemies around you. This lasts for 2 turns.

9-Curse of Nature: Curse a target with a the body of a plant. Roll D6 every turn. If you get a 6, the enemies'
 movement is reduced by 1/2. If you get 3 6's. The enemy then turns into a plant and is considered defeated.

10-Branches of Marydom: Cast for a large tyrant of tress around you. A massive forest grows. Branches
 then impale enemies around you dealing massive damage, then immobilize them.

11-Jungle Bellum: Cast a spell of magic on all the plants within a target area. Those plants then grow in
 size and come to life. They are vicious and deal damage to enemies in that area. Those plants then will
 follow you and aid you until they die or the encounter ends.
 (only one Jungle Bellum can be active at any one time)

Buffs and Auras

12-Oleander Boost: The next attack you deal will receive a 100% chance to hit. A poison will be
 given as well.

13-Nature Aura: You and all nearby allies are coated with spores. If enemies attack, you may cover them
 spores that will deal damage over time.

14-Life Aura: Allies near you will receive a small heal as long as this aura is out.


15-Call of Nature: Summon plants from deep underground that are alive. They attack enemies and attempt
 to immobilize enemies with their roots.

16-Summon Nature Familiar: A Summon that is derived by your stats. This is your partner who is assigned
 to you for life. Nature Familiars are large beasts of nature. A hybrid of creatures. You may select

 what three types of animals make up this animal. Then give this creature an element and it's main
 stat that is best at. You may give it 2 nature spells as well. This creature may be changed but only
 once ever campaign.


17-Fruits of Life: Target will receive a good heal

18-Virility: Cast a great heal, that will heal most of the targets life over the course of 3 turns.

19-Gale of Growth: Revive a dead ally with 15% of their life returned.

20-Befriend a Beast: Target an enemy and attempt to encourage it to aid you. If you are successful the
 beast becomes your ally. This creature is separate from you, but it is your ally.

21-Sinkland: Target a location, if an enemy steps in that spot, that enemy is encased in vines.
 Immobilizing them.

22-Shapeshift: Become an animal. You may shape shift into a creature that you have seen before.
 Your ability to preform spells ends unless that beast is able to speak.
 Your stats are replaced by the stats of an animal.
 You may only transform 2 times within one combat engagement until you are a higher level.
 The upgrade over 4 times is an unlimited number of transformation times.
 When you transform you gain the life and ability of that creature. If you are killed in animal
 form, you do not die. Instead, in additional damage that was overkill to finish you off is
 dealt to your caster form. If no damage is dealt, then one damage is dealt to your caster

 You can only perform actions that, the creature could do. For example, a snake cannot open doors.
 You may choose whether or not the items you are carrying vanish into your subspace or if they
 are worn by your beast form.
 When you transform you may choose what ability that animal would have
 Dig- Burrow underground and become safe from attacks
 Stealth- Becomes difficult to detect until you attack
 Fly- Fly into the air and evade ground obstacles
 Swim- Able to quickly dive underwater and virtually requiring no oxygen
 Other abilities may be available within reason.


23-Harmony: You may talk to animals and to plants to figure out what they know about a subject

24-Wild Eye: You may peer into the heart of the wilderness and see what a plant or animal can see,
 this range is 1/2 mile.

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