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Rick the Master of Sarcasm Empty Rick the Master of Sarcasm

Post by Gisakia on Wed Apr 19, 2017 11:40 am

Rick the Master of Sarcasm

He's always sarcastic. Even in battle. His outrageous behavior is why some call him "Ass Rag the Douche Bag". Never attacking or defending seriously, he often lends out a helping hand; but only as a joke. And whenever he does do something, he does it in such a manner that it just rubs people the wrong way. He takes no mercy from anyone. He thinks he's better than everyone else, and he's here to prove it. With the combination of his witty comebacks to his condescending demeanour, this fuck face can piss off even the most calm of individuals. Never trust this man. He also has the ability to shapeshift, not really sure why. Some people think it's because he's a changeling. The fact that he never talks in a normal way has made it so nobody really knows.

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