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Post by Gisakia on Wed Apr 19, 2017 11:10 am

Void Magic is magic that transfigure dimensional locality, mass or distinction. This is a type of magic that can open portals to other worlds. Teleporting and vanishing physical objects, as well as moving multi dimensionally are all subject under the jurisdiction of Void Magic. This magic type has good defensive options and auras. It has some strange spells that are useful at times. The strongest aspect of Void Magic is in it's ability to Summon; having the highest summon capacity over all other elemental magics.

1-Psi-Crest: A waxing Void dealing Damage in an exact space

2-Draining Swell: Void waves Damaging a large area on the ground and weakening targets in center point

3-Void Shutter: Hit enemies in a rippling tunnel. This large long attack slows the movements of all
enemies hit signifigantly

4-Helix Truama: Deal damage to an enemies within a target area and stun them

5-Nullum: Enemies near you suffer good damage and a debuff.

6-Inrita: You may use this move as an interrupt attacks during the enemies turn. Roll to see if this move
is successful. If it is you may stop that attack and deal damage.

Buffs and Auras

7-Arc of the Void: Buff that has a chance to redirect any attack or attacker

8-Void Aura: Increases Defense and weakening the stats of any enemy near caster

9-Aura Inanis: Buff target to reflect some damage on back attackers as long as this remains

10-Curling Aura: Targeted area will be destorted by the void and any attacker or attacks passing in
or through this area will back reflected at 150% the strength

11-Emptied Inlet: Cast a ripple that causes attacks to attack the void instead of ally for a time


12-Subita Call: Instantly Call forth a Summon. 100% success rate. May only be used if you currently
have no summon called.

13-Summon Void Guardian: A Mysterious Summon that concealed halfway in the void.
All damage dealt to the Guardian is greatly reduced. All enemies are afraid of the void and
are tempted to attack it. Low Damage dealer. Great Range.

14-Summon Void Savage: An aggressive entity that travels quickly through the void, flashing
from place to place. High Damage dealer. Low Range. Moves Fast.

15-Summon Void Monstra: A Monster from the Void is called in all its fury.
High Defense. High Damage Dealer. Low Range. Moves Slow.

16-Summon Void Pupa: A tiny puppet of the void comes to aid you. Low Stats. Chance to summon 2

17-Summon Void Familiar: A Summon that is derived by your stats. This is your constant familiar
who is assigned to you for life. Void Familiars can teleport and avoid damage.


18-Subita Sacrifice: Recall a summon to restore life to a target.


19-Portal: Instantly open a portal to travel through to target location within a certain distance
for you and your allies.


20-Battle Dominus: When a Summon is by your side you gain additional Magic Damage

21-Battalion Command: Your Summons gain an additional % to Life, Attack, and Defense depending on how
many void summons that are currently summoned

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Magic Minor Void Empty Re: Magic Minor Void

Post by themagus on Mon Jan 22, 2018 6:50 am

1 - A small, palm size portal move around the caster's body faster than the eye can see, having a chance to completely nullify instantaneous ranged attacks in the caster's area.

2 - Trick Hole - A combat version of the Portal. 2 holes appear in the area 1 of which under a target. The target is then transferred to the other hole. Use it to move your rhinoceros to behind enemy lines and call it to your side or teleport the hard to hit enemy sniper 200 meters up in the air.

3 - Terra Shift - Causes all permanent elements in the battle field switch places with an area that is arranged just like the area you’re in.
You might find that the rock you hid behind is now made of ice and you're on a frozen planet, or the tree in the middle of the combat field is a rock column that spews lava.
Strong casters can "aim" the spell, influencing the type of terrain or specific elements within it.

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