Magic Minor Thunder

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Magic Minor Thunder

Post by Gisakia on Wed Apr 19, 2017 11:03 am

Thunder Magic is the conjuring and manipulation of lightning and electrical forces. It can change the nature and characteristics of those charges. It can also be combined with wind and water to have complete control over the weather. This magic has potentially the highest damage output of all the magical elements. This is due to it's high damage output, range and spell of it's spells. This leaves this magic type with little to no defensive options.


1-Electro Spikes: Fire multiple shots of electricity at a target, dealing damage twice. 5% chance to
 paralize with each hit.

2-Lightning Arc: A bolt of lightning from the caster comes forth and violently strikes a target
 area dealing damage to that area

3-Electric Legion: A rapid fire manifold of lightning attacks emit from the casters hands. This
 strikes the same enemy or multiple enemies with 3 attack

4-Bolt: Turn into an lightning strike. You travel quickly to a target area and deal damage all those
 you choose within the space of where you are standing to that desired path. This deals damage
 to you when you land but you paralize those around that landing area.

5-Voltaic Orbis: Blast an orb that travels quickly until it collides with an enemy. It then expands into
 massive orb and sits still. It then rapidly deals damage to the enemies within. Roll to see how
 many times each enemy is hit with the base damage. This attack nulifies the area with a charge that
 prevents this attack from stabilizing again until and being used it passes. Roll to see how many
 turns will pass until this spell can be used again with a D10

6-Dynamic Discharge: If the target has less than 20% life left, you may use this move. This attack
 will deal damage and then roll d4 to see the damage multiplier applied to that attack

7-Volley Shock: Attack all nearby enemies with lightning. Roll to see how many enemies are attacked.

8-Arc Wire: Attack an enemy 2 times with this attack. Half of that damage is dealt to the nearest target.
 Half of that damage is dealt to another 3rd enemy. And half of that is dealt to another 4th enemy.

9-Rapid Reverb: Bounce into three enemies. They must be atleast a short distance away. Deal damage to the
 first enemy, then the second enemy is dealt that damage plus small bonus damage, then the third suffers
 damage from the second plus bonus damage. This deals damage to the caster

10-Swift Stun: Nearby enemies are paralized, a small amount of damage is dealt.

11-Tempest: Conjure a lightning storm. Target a large area and the enemies within are struck by the electic
 storm and dealt damage. This has a 20% chance to paralize them. This effects allies as well

12-Short Circuit Transmission: All enemies infront of the caster are dealt damage. The more enemies that
 are effected the greater the damage is dealt.


13-Summon Thunder Storm: An electric storm is called forth lasting for 4 turns. It paralizes a single
 enemy every time it is your turn.

14-Summon Thunder Familiar: A Summon that is derived by your stats. This is your partner who is assigned
 to you for life. Thunder Familiars Attack hard and Fast. Dealing damage to many enemies and potentially
 paralizing them.

Buffs and Auras

15-Electric Turbo Acceleration: Buff a target so whenever it attacks it may lose life to increase
 the damage it deals. They also move slightly faster

16-Thunder Aura: All electric spells have a 8% chance to attack twice.


17-Voltic Defibrillation: Revive a dead ally and restore them with 1 health.


18-Charge: Your next Electric attack will have a higher success rate


19-Energized: You cannot be put to sleep, stunned, or slowed.

20-Amped: You gain additional Spell Damage

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