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Post by Gisakia on Wed Apr 19, 2017 10:51 am

Gravity Magic is an intense magic type. Potentially causing unwanted damage to you and everything else. This magic is the manipulation of the positive and negative charges of the gravitational field. This is done through field waves caused from  orbs, glyphs or magic channels. Gravity Magic has incredible range and bizarre effects. It has one the best Auras and has strange status manipulations.


1-Gravity Ballroom: A ball of gravity that deals damage. Yep that's it... What else do you want?
 It also happens to be half a city block in diameter. Don't worry, it only hurts the ugly ones.

2-Pressure System: Target an enemy and crush them dealing damage. They are completely unable to
 get up. Unless they're a boss or some shit. They must roll in order to get up, if they fail they
 stay down and take additional damage.

3-Attractive Force: Target an enemy or object and make them become a living magnet for things around them.
 Everything from trees to the kitchen sink will fly at them dealing damage. Roll to see how much shit hits
 them. Every object that hits them deals damage.

4-Weightless Abyss: Target an enemy or object and make it repel absolutely everything. Their weapons, their
 friends, even their clothes. (OH BOY!) Not to mention the planet around them. They fly directly into
 the sky and head straight for outer space. Sadly this move slowly sends them up about 1000 feet in the
 air. Then really all they do is sit there until the spell wares off. Which evidently is 3 turns. This
 spell can only be used on one target at a time. And yes, they come crashing down dealing damage when
 they hit the ground. Hope they have a helmet.

5-Gravitas Vinculum: Target two enemies. They crash into each other, damage is dealt to them and
 they are stuck together. They'll look so cute together!

6-Gravis Caeli: Force gravity to heavily blast against the air, this creates a shock wave that deals
 damage to all enemies in front and knocks them on their asses.

7-Gravity Graveyard: Shatter the ground into pieces with you mighty power. Everything on said ground is
 then blasted with immense force and thrown violently into the air. And you are correct, it hurts everyone!
 Except you, you beautiful thing you! Think of it like a birthday party and everyone is shooting confetti!
 Except the people attending are dying and respect you for once.

8-Almighty Propulsion: Become the fastest thing in the universe! For about 1/8 of a second by launching
 yourself like a cannon ball covered in dense gravity; violently ramming into someone dealing damage. But
 the fun doesn't end there! You then release that gravity swell so it blasts everyone away and deals
 damage to everyone in the area.

9-Mass Rapid Fire: Fire gravity blasts that hit in quick succession. Roll a dice to see how many attacks
 they are. You may target the same enemy or multiple enemies.

10-Impact Orbit: Anything that has mass and is within 20 feet from you is really gunna get it. Turn the
 gravity up to maximum and show those chumps that gravity magic is the best. Crush them and send them
 barreling toward the center of the earth's core! Dealing damage all the way down. Don't worry, you were
 kind enough to leave the tiny piece of ground where you were standing to float in midair.

11-Black Hole: You knew it was coming. The number one kick ass move in the gravity mage's arsenal. Too
 bad when you use it you figure out why no one bothers to cast this spell. It destroys everything. Houses,
 landmarks, life savings, people... and you. Everyone must defy danger or they will be sucked into the
 infinite singularity that will wipe them from existence. Geez, you just had to be that guy? If you
 get pulled in you will die. Their is no coming back. No take backsies on this one. No revival spells
 or magic powder here to save your ass. And funny thing is, if anyone complains, you can just do it
 again! Huh, maybe that's where all the Gravity Mages went?

Buffs amd Auras

12-Gravity Aura: Do you really need any other kind? You may manipulate the space around your body to suit
 your needs. You may become 10x lighter to 10x heavier. You also can levitate and fly around as you
 wish. You may also walk on walls. It's all the same. Just another example why you're the coolest one

13-Heavy Aura: You may only have one Aura active at one time. You increase the pressure around you to
 50x Gravity within 50 feet of you. You feel fine, but the other guy isn't looking too good. It hurts
 them and they can't move. So relax. They're not a Z warrior.

14-Repelling Prescience: Target you or an ally, the next attack against you or them will be negated.



15-Ratio Weight: Target someone or something and cause it to become 10x heavier or lighter. This
 does not effect their defense or stats.

16-Object Manipulation: Levitate an object or person around regardless of its size. Size matters not.
 It's all about the motion of the ocean.

17-Magic Torture: Secretly crush the organs of someone. You may reveal that this is you and force them to
 do a certain action.


18-Weight Training: You gain additional Strength and Stamina. Looks like all that gravity training
 finally paid off!

19-Pressure Shield: A thin membrane always coats your skin. You reject any poisons or harmful body
 odors. You also don't get dirty, it just falls right off!

20-Effortless Nudge: Your body can lift many times more that you should be able to with ease, thanks to your
 natural ability to effect gravity.

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