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Post by Gisakia on Wed Apr 19, 2017 10:45 am

Fire Magic is the practice of conjuring flames and the act of manipulating fire. This power is destructive and violent. It has some good Aura spells but poor defensive options. Through the act of explosions and burns that deal damage over time, this magic type is one of the heaviest attackers.


1-Fire Arrow: A Damaging single shot arrow of flame that creates a fiery explosion when it lands

2-Torrent of Flames: A twister surrounds the caster with flames damaging enemies around them

3-Magma Fountain: Targeted area erupts a geyser of lava, damaging enemies, suffering burns

4-Sun Spot: A targeted enemy with suffer severe burn damage for 3 turns

5-Pyro Lance: A straight piercing shot that blazes through enemies dealing damage to multiple targets

6-Dragon Crash: Fire yourself like a missile! Tackling an enemy creating a massive explosion when
you land damaging enemies, knocking them away.

7-Combustion Kick: Kick a near by enemy, engulfing them in flame. Sending them careening away,
turning them into a bomb, exploding when they hit the ground.

8-Draco Tempestas: Unleash a terrible blast of fire. Devouring all it comes into contact with.
Dealing massive damage, exploding, and then leaving an expanse of flames where it landed

9-Comets of Coals: Flaring comets rain down from an open sky. Showering everything surrounding the
caster with a ghastly inferno

Buffs and Auras

10-Dragon Heart: Buff a target with a fiery body. Dealing additional flame damage with all attacks

11-Fire Aura: Casters fire attacks have a chance to deal additional damage

12-Scorching Madness: The next fire spell successfully cast will be twice as strong, damaging the caster

13-Combustion Cycle: Buff a target so their attacks have a chance to cause an small twister of
flames dealing more damage to surrounding enemies.

14-Charring: Target an enemy and decrease their defense against fire and melee attacks


15-Summon Fire Familiar: A Summon that is derived by your stats. This is your partner who is assigned
to you for life. Fire Familiars are aggressive damage dealers.

16-Summon Column of Conflagration: A massive wall of flames expands upward, blocking of enemies from
walking through. Scaring them away, and dealing mighty damage to any who dare pass.

17-Summon Chains of Fire: Conjure chains on a single target, immobilizing them for a very short time
dealing a small amount of damage in the meantime


18-Flight of the Phoenix: Travel quickly through the air for a short time.


19-Melting Point: Fire spells can cause burn damage over time

20-Scorched Skin: You are resistant to Ice and Fire, being able to withstand even lava.

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Magic Minor Fire Empty Re: Magic Minor Fire

Post by themagus on Tue Jan 02, 2018 5:40 am


Inflammation: You place your hand on the target and heat it to immense temperature, melting it from the inside out. Deals high fire damage, single target.

Christmas Turkey Cockatrice: When you bestow this fire curse on your target it's outer shell becomes a burning coal. The target can't act as it tries to get rid of the horrible feeling. Single target, small damage over 3 turns, disable targets' attacks and abilities but not movement. Also help me with a name for this one please?

Fire Pit: Open a hole of magma and hellish flames. Stay for [several turns] and deals massive damage if someone steps in or jump over it. Naturally the hole is large enough for a normal person but if the caster originally opened it under a larger creature the hole will be big enough for this creature and maintain its' size untill it disappears.

Buffs and Auras

Flame lasher: A fire-made snake move around the casters' body, attacking on opportunity (ex: if someone move close to caster/try to cast a spell adjacent to caster etc'...). Targets bitten take a small ammount of fire damage for 2 turns. The snake has melee range. Can not leave the casters' body. This little snake would be a summon except it's not because reasons!



Galvanize: Running a hand over the targets' body you burn away poison, corrosion, acid, close bleeding wounds, diseases and other similar effects. Deals a very small ammount of fire damage to the target, give the target immunity to these effects for some time.


Flame Stride: You can teleport between flame AoEs in the battlefield caused by you and your friends.



Pheonix Reincarnation
After you die you come back to life. This is a ceremony that takes a day including the rests needed. You brand yourself with fire, imbuing yourself with the pheonixs' quality of being reborn. When you die your body combusts and you rise from your ashes when the body is done burning. This makes your race a part of the fire domain, bolstering you against heat, making you vulnerable to cold, and bestowing any other qualities fire-based creatures have. This ceremony isn't permenant, you must renew it after you reincarnate if you want to have its' effect on you again. Requires a pheonix feather that was given by a pheonix willingly and without force as a focus for the ceremony and fire that burn throughout the entire ceremony.

Inferno Grip - Hold your enemy and burn it with intensifying fire. High base damage, for every additional round you hold the enemy the damage is increased. Does not inflict self damage.

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