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Post by Gisakia on Wed Apr 19, 2017 12:26 am

They are many elements that compose the magical universe. It is a sub transmission that extends from all reality and is intertwined with the elements that can be observed with the human eyes. As with many things, these things cannot be directly interacted with normal material matter. All of the elements of all magic are technically no different than you blinking or the sun rising over the horizon. Elemental magic is commonly described much like a friend keeping a secret from you. It is not immediately to your attention, nor did you know that you even needed to look for it. But much like the tell tale signs that your friend is hiding something from you, so to does reality give this impression. Whenever seems amiss and shouldn't be, magic was most likely involved.

    Elemental constructs binds in sequence to each other in a turbulent balance. It can be associated with how the planet's balance of nature all coexists with it's brother and helps one another. By changing one fact or removing one small factor, the balance of nature can be damaged. Magic is the exact something. This is because matter is nothing more than the physical matters of elements that react in certain ways that humans and many other creatures have come to understand. Sight, sound, smell, taste, touch are all things that test out the physical specific states. Humans have come to evolve little to sense and observe any other state of matter other than the most obvious. To learn elemental magic, you must open another sixth sense in order to even begin to understand these elements.

    These elements are balanced in harmony and must never fall out of that delicate equilibrium. If just one element were to overwhelm another, then every other element would respond negatively and follow suit. And then no elemental magic matter would remain, or even physical matter. Think of it as a fire is burning down a forest. It consumes all the trees and animals and destroys the area. It inflicts death to all it touches and can only be stopped with rain. If the rain never comes, then it will continue to grow until there is no forest left. And then when there is no forest left the fire runs out of fuel to burn. And the fire goes away as well. So even if one element dominates the others, inevitably it is doomed to be destroyed in the end.

    They are many elements to the magical universe that bind it together. These differences make sub categories of the Major Elemental magic. These are known as Magic Minors. They are the sub schools that wizards and mages study in order to further themselves as magic users. Due to the unusual nature of magic, elements can sometimes seem strange for them to even exist. But because of their correlation with reality, they have all been deemed necessary categories of the differences of magic's effect in the universe.

These are the Magic Minors of Elemental Magic


    These are the study and practice of nearly all mages today. Elemental Magic is the bread and butter for all caster kind. They each play a crucial role in sustaining life and balancing out all of reality. Elemental magic is what binds the universe together.

    This must be not confused with the elements of Black Magic. For Black Magic is the study of elements that destroys the universe. Elemental Magic is the direct opposite of Black magic for one brings things together, the other is what tears things apart. This is often why Elemental Magic is known as "good" magic, and Black Magic is known as "bad" magic.

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