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Post by Gisakia on Sat Apr 01, 2017 7:41 pm

Archaic magic is arguably the most commonly used form of magic. It is the use of magic words to twist a reformation of some kind. These reformations can be anything but are largely used to restore or destroy something in particular or an event. For example when an Archaic spell is chanted it can instantly restore an old building several years prior to it's current state. It can even be used to force the natural decay that a building would suffer given the current "memory" said target has experienced, and it would age accordingly. For example if a knife was used every to cut fish in the natural memory of the knife would reference those events when an advancement or a retraction was called. So an advancement of that knife would damage the knife considerably and perhaps even causing it to become useless. But if say a knife had never been used before, then it could possibly do very little to the knife at all. The strengths and weakness of Archaic magic is somewhat abstract but necessary for almost every magic user to some extent.
         The magic that is used for Archaic spells are easy enough to handle but are one of the steepest mountains to climb until a caster is to fully control it. Archaic magic can enhance an objects strength and it's integrity. An Archaic Blacksmith is greatly preferred over a non Archaic one. Managing to be able to perfectly restore a weapon back to it's previous form and then making it even stronger makes for tough competition. Archaic magic for example, has the ability to replicate the writing process of a person's piece of paper they had wrote on earlier. This takes very little magic on the caster's part. A powerful caster could be known to restore an entire demolished city with one spell. The more complicated to task, the more precision it takes on the caster's part. Archaic magic is quick to learn but can't be mastered fully. For as the saying goes, "A true master of Archaic Magic would never age, never sleep and could undue any event in history." - Starbrook Black

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