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Post by Gisakia on Tue Mar 28, 2017 7:47 pm

Alchemy is a Magic Major that has the most crude understanding of all magic and is known as "hack magic". Many not considering it magic at all, just simply a caveman's expression of his own frustrations over his circumstances and used to further gain his own greedy ambitions without real work. Businesses have used Alchemy as a means to save billions by transmuting matter into workable states and correcting mistakes easily. It is cost effective and highly profitable, although be it confusing. It is the transition of one state of matter into another state much the same as water evaporates into steam. This is done through a process known as trans mutating reconfiguration. That is the process of moving the particles which make up one state of matter into another state or element. And it is by that very act that Alchemy then becomes characterized as a magic.

         Transmutation can come about in one of three ways. A pattern program, which acts a command prompt in which the identified object obeys. This can be done through gestures, object placement or speaking. A symbol code, where a symbol form then acts as a command prompt for the object to obey much the same a pattern program works. Symbol codes are often preferred because the program is written onto something real which leaves less room for human error. And the last form of transmutation is done through what is called an embarkment. That is the act of creating a transmutation without a command prompt. It is described by those who have this ability as "Using oneself as the command prompt, and commanding objects yourself with nothing but you". This can seem strange to many who use Alchemy and is unfairly difficult. Some even claiming that it is impossible to achieve and that those who use it are simply doing something specific that they don't even realize. However embarkment is truly achieved is not clearly understood.
         Triggers are the activation commands for a command prompt. No alchemy can commence without a proper trigger. They are many triggers that work for most things such a clapping, dancing, bleeding or screaming; but these do not work on all things. More complex and intricate programs requires multiple starting points and require multiple triggers at the same time. So instead of trying to do many triggers in quick succession and risking failure, alchemists use a trigger that sort of appeases all of the needs of all the start up points. This can become very difficult and risky for those involved. An example of this is the act of healing an injury. The skin must be reconfigured in a way that promotes and binds the skin together, but at the same time cannot kill the living tissue and must keep it alive. So the state must stay the same, but then it must also change. So three triggers must be implemented. One for the command over the skin to refashion itself. Another to keep the skin alive while it changes. Then a third trigger must be implemented for the energy needed to sustain the life and the reconfiguration.
         Failure of alchemy can lead to serious injury. Deep study must be prior before beginning even a single configuration. Even professionals will sometimes spend months contemplating how these configurations will take place.
         With this kind of magic, repairs, building, reconstructing, and creating anything can become effortless. It must be noted that this is different than Archaic magic. Archaic magic is the use of achieving things that might seem similar to Alchemy but it requires no command prompt and mathematical calculations of measurements due to the fact it is entirely powered by a caster's energy and not the objects around them.

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