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Magic 101 the Basics Empty Magic 101 the Basics

Post by Gisakia on Tue Mar 28, 2017 7:10 pm

Magic is the inherent force of the universe and creation. It is nothing more than the force that already binds all things together. This force may be used as anything could be used. It is honestly not any different that the way you breathe or the way energy works.

         They are many ways to achieve magic. You can reach command over it spiritually, through writings, blood, sacrifice, physical prowess and even mechanically. Each magic takes either exact precision, potions or elixirs to reach the proper circumstances for the forces of the universe to respond in a certain way that is somewhat normally unconventional.
         They are many different schools of magic and different kinds of magic that are not only unique to it's own characteristics, but bizarre even in it's own tenancies that still dumbfound all researchers even today.

         Unsurprisingly, they are thousands of kinds of magic "genetics". To help magicians and witches characterize these differences, they use what is known commonly as the Magic Majors. The Magic Majors overcast the plethora of Magic Minors that substrate all of magic knowledge. The Magic Majors are know as follows.

*Alchemy- The act of taking objects from the real world and using them for magical means or the act of transpiring that object into another object with the exact materials that it originated from.

*Archaic- Spells used for miscellaneous purposes such as fixing, repairing, enhancing or causing decay on objects.

*Black- Spells that is corrupting not only on it's victim, but the to the caster as well. It is a "Type" known as Evil Magic.

*Demon- Spells using the energy that naturally resides in a demon.

*Elemental- Spells concerning the many elements of the magical realm.

*Holy- Spells that empower itself with the light and love of all creation. This "Type" is strongly driven by love.

*White- Mysterious magic that is the counter to all magic. It is purifying and life bringing, sacred and unexplored. A folklore magic, most likely not existing and never properly analyzed. All phenomena that cannot be logically explained normally finds it's way into white magic.

         All of the many magic forms fall somewhere into these Magic Majors with only a few arguable exceptions. Magic is an ever growing understanding of reality that magic users still argue over today. As we continue on your understanding of magic, we will go into each one of these Magic Majors into greater detail.

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